Welcome to Fan Tang, where you will find the best Chinese food in Albuquerque that continues to use many of the traditional recipes from my Grandpa’s Chinese restaurant. We believe in using high quality fresh ingredients when creating our Chinese speciality dishes.  Think of us as YOUR  Asian kitchen in Albuquerque where Asian fusion creates a great taste experience. There are no other Asian fusion restaurants in Albuquerque that offer the freshest ingredients from local and national vendors.  

Fan Tang’s menu gives Albuquerque an Asian fusion experience that will keep you coming back for more. Our specialty dishes create a menu that puts Fan Tang as one of the top Japanese food restaurants in Albuquerque.  When looking for a combination of various cuisines of different Asian countries, Fan Tang is your top choice.  

Looking for a creative taste of Thai food, Fan Tang’s Coffee Chicken dish will satisfy that hunger with tender chicken breast rubbed with ground French coffee and stir-fried in a sweet and spicy sauce.  With dishes like this on our menu, we our one of the best Thai food restaurants in Albuquerque.

Remember, Albuquerqueans…this is YOUR Asian kitchen.  Bring your family and friends to Fan Tang’s to enjoy an awesome atmosphere in the Nob Hill community.  There are many Asian food dishes that will satisfy everyone’s taste including:  Spicy Chicken or Shrimp, Walnut Shrimp, Ma Po Tofu, Ginger Basil Chicken or Shrimp, and Tea Smoked Beef.


My family has been cooking Chinese food for three generations starting with my grandpa who opened “Xing Xhan” restaurant in the province of Sichuan in 1942 to 1987. My father opened up Chow’s Chinese Bistro in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1993 using many of the traditional Chinese recipes from my Grandpa’s restaurant.  We take great pride in our creative Asian recipes that offer choices such as Pot Stickers, Vietnamese Rolls, Sichuan Calamari and Seoul Dumplings. Our chefs are among the best in the land with years of cooking great Asian food.

We cook everything to order the way you like it! Looking for the best Asian Grill in Albuquerque, come in and join us for lunch or dinner at FanTang in Nob Hill.  Choose your protein:  chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu for one of our many Asian food entrees such as Teriyaki Pepper, Coconut Curry, and Thai Basil.  Our chefs take great pride in offering creative recipes which help to make Fan Tang the best Asian food restaurant in Albuquerque.